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6 Easy Way To Peel Garlic

Time:2020-05-26 By:wendy
Garlic is everywhere in our lives. Fresh garlic is the starting point for countless delicious recipes. How to peel fresh garlic? 6 ways to peel garlic quickly and easily.

How to peel garlic with knife:

Crushing garlic is fast and can be seamlessly added to your regular cooking preparations. All you need is garlic and knife
Step 1: Loosen the garlic. Separate the cloves, then set aside the many cloves you need.
Step 2: Place one clove on the cutting board.
Step 3: Place the flat side of the knife on the garlic clove and hold the handle firmly. Place the heel of the other hand on the flat surface of the knife and push down firmly until you hear a crunching sound. A
Step 4: Pull the loose garlic clove and discard. Slice, mince or chop garlic as needed.
 how to peel garlic with knife
When you only need a few cloves of garlic to peel, this method of crushing peeled garlic is quick and perfect.

How to peel garlic with machine:

When you only need a few cloves of garlic to peel, this method of crushing peeled garlic is quick and perfect. But if you need to peel a lot of garlic, the above method may not be suitable. For garlic processing factories, there is a garlic peeling machine that can easily remove garlic skin.
After turning on the power, we only need to put the broken garlic into the garlic peeling machine, and the peeled garlic can come out from the funnel. This method is very simple and fast.
The following is a demonstration video of a small garlic peeling machine.

If your garlic is not broken, the whole garlic can also choose the fully automatic garlic peeling line.
The following is a test video of the fully automatic garlic broken flap peeling device. Welcome to watch and hope to help you.

How to peel garlic in a jar:

Step 1: Loosen the garlic head and place all the cloves in a quart-sized jar. Tighten the cover. .
Step 2: Shake vigorously for 15 to 20 seconds. Look at the garlic to see if most of the peel has been peeled. If most of it has not been removed, you can shake it for a few more seconds.
Step 3: Loosen the lid and pour the garlic cloves on the cutting board. This memory can easily remove the garlic skin.
This shaking method of peeled garlic is a quick way to peel a large amount of garlic at once.
how to peel garlic fast

How to peel garlic in microwave:

Place one garlic bulb in the microwave and check for about 20 seconds. Remove from microwave and let cool for about the same time. Remove the cloves from the bulb and peel them. Trim off the roots.

How to peel garlic with water:

Remove the required amount of cloves from the head. Soak cloves in cold water for five minutes to ensure they are completely submerged. Place cloves in 1-2 inches of water and let them rest. Water will relax the skin. Beat the garlic with a metal egg beater to speed up the process.
When possible, place cloves in covered or waterproof containers. If the peel will loosen after soaking, you can also shake the container to knock the peel off the garlic more quickly

How to peel garlic in microwave:

Remove the desired cloves from the head. Place the garlic cloves that need to be peeled on a small plate, then put in the microwave and heat for 5-10 seconds. At this time you can see that the garlic skin has loosened.

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