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How To Perfectly Cut Tomato Into Cube In Quikly-way

Time:2020-10-21 By:wendy
Tomato is one of the most consumed vegetables in the world. It seems that there are countless recipes using tomatoes, which usually require dicing. How to cut tomatoes perfectly at home? For industrial use, how to quickly dice? Today, I will show you relevant knowledge from three aspects: how to pick tomatoes, how to cut tomatoes perfectly at home, and how to dice tomatoes in one second in industry. You can choose the part you need to study according to your needs.
industrial tomato dicer

1: How to pick tomatoes 

Pick tomatoes that are red in color and have no blemishes or bruises.
Rinse with cold water. Let them air dry.
Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.
Use when maturity is highest.

2: How to cut vegetables into cubes perfectly

1: Wash tomatoes. Before cutting tomatoes, we should always wash the tomatoes under the tap. Remove all dust and debris.
2: Banning: Use a knife to remove the stalk of the tomato. You can choose not to go, you can choose according to your needs.
2: Tomato slicing: Put the tomato on the cutting board and make a series of vertical cuts along the length to make a series of thin strips. The length of the strip should not exceed one centimeter, and the size should be roughly uniform.
3: Tomato dicing: Cut the sliced tomatoes into cubes. Turn the bar to the side. Cut the tomato slices vertically and cut the tomato into small pieces. The spacing between the cuts should be roughly uniform, and the strips should be fixed in place with your fingers when cutting. At this point, you have the diced tomatoes you need.

3: How to diced tomatoes in one second for industry use

According to the above method, diced tomatoes can be cut perfectly. But if it is in restaurants, schools, factories, etc., where a large amount of diced tomatoes is needed, how to efficiently diced tomatoes in quickly-way?
At this time, the emergence of tomato vegetable cube cutting machine can well improve this problem that requires a lot of labor to diced tomatoes.
Steps for dicing industrial tomatoes:
1: Cleaning tomatoes: It can be manually cleaned in a sink or a tomato cleaning machine can be used to remove impurities from tomatoes.
2: Turn on the machine switch: Connect the machine to the power supply, press the switch,
3: Diced tomatoes: Put the cleaned tomatoes into the tomato cube cutting machine, and you can get a lot of diced tomatoes in just one second.
Our commercial tomato dicer is widely used, and is often used in restaurants, schools, vegetable processing plants, etc. The tomatoes cut by our machine are uniform in size, and the size of the tomatoes can be adjusted. It is a vegetable cutter that is indispensable for vegetable processing. Save your labor and time. If you are interested in our tomato dicing machine, please feel free to contact us.