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How To Make Pickles ?

Time:2019-11-06 By:wendy
 In recent years pickles swept the streets, by the majority of students and young people love.but do you know to do pickles? there will share some way to make pickles.this is for a bit of pickles, if you need process pickles in large number, we can provide you vegetable washing machine and cutting machine with favorite price.

1:Prepare a pickle altar, wash back;
2, vegetables ready: fresh vegetables, cleaning, to the old skin of old bars, to leaves and so on;
3, ingredients preparation:octagonal;cinnamon; han Nai;
4, ingredients preparation: Dahongpao;Chuan salt; high degree of liquor;
pickles processing machine|vegetable washing machine|cutting machine5, fresh vegetable stereotypes: according to personal preferences and the shape of each dish, stereotypes into a strip or sheet;
6, vegetables cut good plate spare: celery;carrots;lettuce;sweet pepper; ginger;
7, loading altar: in turn will cut the vegetables into the altar;
8, in order to ensure that pickles delicious, add vegetables at the same time can be mixed with a variety of spices;
9, add appropriate amount of salt (than usual cooking the use of salt to more);
10, add water: altar to join the tap water or mineral water, water to completely drown vegetables. Can be used to clean the oil-free chopsticks evenly
11, add the appropriate amount of liquor;
12, then covered with pickles altar cover, filled with water along the altar, placed in the shade, to ensure that lactic acid bacteria fermentation can have an absolute anaerobic environment;
13, just a few simple steps, an altar of delicious kimchi to do a good job. According to the different raw materials, after 1 to 10 days to eat.