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Kinds Of Fruit Vegetable Washing Machine

Time:2017-07-29 By:wendy
Vegetable washing machine is a kind of machine for  fruit and vegetable processing enterprises and the most widely used a cleaning equipment. Today, we just like you popular vegetable cleaning machine classification and use, allowing users to purchase products to clear the concept of vegetable washing machine, a better understanding of vegetable washing machine.

Vegetable washing machine classification:

Currently on the market of vegetable washing machine generally have the following categories of methods:

Vegetable washing machine

1, according to the different varieties of cleaning are divided into: fruit and vegetable washing machine (jujube, apples, etc.) and vegetable washing machine (carrots, potatoes, etc.).

2, according to the use of different technologies are divided into: pasteurization line cleaning machine, ultrasonic vegetable washing machine and traditional washing machine.

3, the traditional vegetable washing machine in accordance with the cleaning method can be divided into different: drum cleaning machine, bubble cleaning machine, high pressure cleaner, vibration cleaning machine

And brush cleaning machines.

Fruits and vegetables washing machine and vegetable washing machine according to different cleaning varieties can be divided into:

1, fungus cleaning machine: mushroom washing machine, mushroom washing machine, Pomula washing machine, mushroom washing machine, fungus washing machine, Tremella washing machine, Grace purse washing machine.

2, vegetable washing machine: green pepper washing machine, cabbage washing machine, scallion washing machine, leek washing machine, rape washing machine, spinach washing machine, garlic mower washing machine, bean sprouts washing machine, green bean sprouts washing machine, mustard washing machine, Washing machine, fir cleaning machine, cucumber washing machine, bean cleaning machine, eggplant cleaning machine, celery washing machine.

3, seafood washing machine: kelp cleaning machine, clams washing machine, snail washing machine, seaweed silk washing machine, sea cucumber cleaning machine, jellyfish washing machine.

4, crop cleaning machine: corn washing machine, wolfberry washing machine, wheat washing machine, rice washing machine, peanut washing machine, soybean washing machine.

5, fruit and vegetable washing machine: strawberry washing machine, peach washing machine, apple washing machine, blueberry washing machine, plum washing machine, pear cleaning machine, date cleaning machine.

The purpose of vegetable cleaning machine:

At present, most people should use the bubble type automatic  vegetable washing machine, bubble type vegetable washing machine used submerged water jet technology, the use of vegetables and water between the friction, to achieve the purpose of cleaning vegetables, its force Soft, low noise, can greatly reduce the damage caused by vegetables, automatic continuous operation, by trough transport of vegetables, sediment can quickly precipitate in the cleaning tank in the sand ditch to complete the first wash, sterilization, rinsing and other multi-channel cleaning process; Small space, easy to transport, installation and operation; suitable for leafy vegetables, pods, rhizomes and other vegetables and seafood, meat and herbs cleaning.