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Mango Pulping Machine to Malaysia

Time:2017-05-18 By:wendy
These are our mango pulping machine to Malaysia, also have called mango juice machine. our the mango pulp extarctor machine work principle as following:

The motor is driven by a belt so that the scraper mounted on the spline rotates at high speed. When the broken fruit enters the machine through the feed inlet, the material is evenly distributed to the scraper and screen. Due to the rotation of the scraper and the presence of the lead angle, so that the material along the cylinder to the export side of the movement, the movement of the trajectory was spiral, the material in the scraper and sieve between the movement of centrifugal force by the role of Crushed, sour and fleshy (grooved) from the sieve through the feeding process, the skin and seeds are discharged from the hopper to achieve the purpose of automatic separation. As long as the transformation of different specifications of the screen and adjust the size of the scraper lead angle, you can change the different beating speed, to obtain satisfactory results.

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