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Shelling Sunflower Seeds Machine Manufacturer

Time:2017-03-28 By:wendy
The sunflower seeds shelling machine uses a unique double husking machine set, through the frequency conversion technology to achieve the separate control of the shelling machine. The unique wind recycle system allows the non-disengaged grain to automatically enter the next husking cycle, thus greatly improving the husking efficiency.
The unit can complete the removal of sunflower seeds in one go, shelling, removal, sorting and re-election, is the world's sunflower seed industry in the world's preferred equipment. The unit has a high rate of husking, broken nuts small, high degree of automation and easy operation and maintenance features.

sunfower seeds shelling machine manufacturerMulti-function impeller can remove raw materials in the miscellaneous, small mixed, light hybrid, mixed with a variety of impurities (such as stone, glass, flat, hair, etc.)

The wind recoil system returns the unboxed raw material to the husking machine again.

By adjusting the sieve body tilt angle to achieve the desired sorting effect.

Shelling machine with steel movement, leaves with 99% high aluminum porcelain, enhanced shelling effect and service life.

The use of the screw unloader facilitates the collection of sunflower skin, reducing the generation of dust.

The application of fish scale sieve can easily achieve seed kernel separation; sieve selection of high quality cold rolled steel plate made of, durable.

 The entire set of equipment controlled by the electric control cabinet, easy to operate intuitive, shelling machine with frequency design can be adjusted at any time according to the situation of material shelling machine frequency.

The vibration source of the whole set of sunflower seeds equipment adopts the form of vibration motor, the equipment is easy to install, and the foundation is not needed quickly.