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Vegetable Cutting Machine for UAE ( United Arab Emirates )

multifunction vegetable cutting machine for saleOur the UAE ( United Arab Emirates ) customerhave take an order on a vegetable cutting machine for daily cutting of parsley in their cold chicken. the cutting size will be a small size and cutting will be 5mm.

Our this type vegetable cutting machine can cut many vegetable such as potato,celery,caraway,scallion,Chinese chives and others.and our multifunction vegetable cutting machine slice thickness of 1-3mm, shred section width of 1-25mm.

We are engaged in fruit vegetable processing machinery such as washing machine,peeling machine,cutting machine ,pitting machine,juice machine and other process machinery.

If you need our machine, you can contact us freely. it is better if you can tell us your cutting raw material and cutting size.we will sent you detail quotation as soon as possible.

this is our multiofunction vegetble cutting machine work video:

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