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Sunflower Seeds Processing Line for sell

Time:2017-02-04 By:tina
Sunflower roasting machine line working principle is need the dry sunflower seeds and other dried fruit placed on the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt on the material after the device is tiled to the dryer belt, transported to the dryer inside, Sunflower seeds in the dryer from the first layer to the next layer by layer, each layer is set between the lead material and reversing device, so that the sunflower seeds and heating medium in full contact; drying out from the last layer. The heat carrier is introduced into the dryer by the fan, and the wind speed and wind pressure of the induced draft fan make the heat carrier fully and evenly spread in the bottom of the dryer. As the lower pressure is higher than the upper pressure, the heating body moves upward, Each mesh belt, so that the dried fruit and heating medium full contact, improve drying efficiency.

Sunflower Seeds Roasting Machine Line feather:
1,Inside and outside the oven is the use of stainless steel materials, resistant to moisture, corrosion resistance, high strength, no rust and so on.
2,Oven with two-way door, in order to facilitate inspection, demolition of parts, easy to open, clear material easily.
3,The baked goods using the upper flip flip naturally fall to the lower, so that the goods evenly heated, to overcome the previous staff mixing caused by deformation of the items, but also saves manpower.
4,The stove uses the new refractory material and the high quality steel, passes through the strict computation construction completion, has the high temperature, to be able to bear for a long time, the heat transfer efficiency high, easy construction, easy operation, easy maintenance, normal pressure work, safety factor.
5,The combustion chamber of the heat exchange furnace and the hot air entering the oven are completely separated from each other. All the substances formed by the combustion are discharged out of the room and do not contaminate the contents of the cabinet and reach the export health standard.
6,Equipment, the effective use of heat, so that the heat generated by combustion losses to a minimum, the scientific use of heat recycling, so that coal fell.
7, A full set of equipment does not require a lot of civil works, can be fixed plant, small footprint, easy to move, low installation costs.
8,Products: semi-automatic, automatic, ordinary steel plate, stainless steel, luxury door lock type, customized according to customer demand.
9,Compatibility, and can be drying a variety of materials.

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