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What Is the Valuable of Ginger ?

Time:2018-09-05 By:wendy
Ginger is very valuable in our daily.The ginger consist ginger ketone, gingerol and other physiologically active substances,but also contains protein, polysaccharides,vitamins and a variety of trace elements,set nutrition, seasoning, health care in one, since ancient times By medical scientists as food and medicine homologous health care products, with dispelling cold, dampness, warm stomach, speed up the blood circulation and other health care functions. Ginger products in the international market more and more popular, especially in Southeast Asia, Japan and other countries and regions are extremely popular, each year for the country a large number of foreign exchange.

ginger valuableIn China, ginger consumption and medicinal history is very long, the development and utilization of ginger is also relatively early, the main products are ginger, sweet ginger, ginger sauce, ginger juice, low grade products, limited sales. In order to make full use of valuable fresh ginger resources, through the development and utilization, not only to make every part of its full use, and access to high value-added products, to obtain a higher value-added effect. At the same time from the ginger to extract the following four products: concentrated ginger milk, transparent ginger juice health drinks, ginger starch, and finally the comprehensive utilization of the residue, made of Ginger paste chili sauce. The above two kinds of products in the first two high-grade, high value-added products.

⒈ Seasoning Ginger Milk
Seasoning ginger milk extract the essence of the seasoning concentrated in the ginger, the appearance of egg yolk cream, was creamy. Very easy to use, seasoning strong, can be used in high-end restaurant. As a seasoning, in the seasoning soup into a little bit can be, especially for seafood feast dipped in food.

Ginger Juice
The beverage does not contain any chemical synthetic substances, the flavor with a trace of scorch, the entrance is very comfortable, especially suitable for high temperature areas and field workers to drink, in the north with a wide range of markets. South spring, summer and autumn rain constantly, the body of moisture is too heavy, easy to get sick, drink this type of drink, although there is no need to drive cold, there are dehumidification effect, medicine pay attention to "winter eat radish summer eat ginger" that reason. It is worth mentioning that there are many Chinese medicine experts believe that drinking the drink can promote blood circulation, so that the pores fully open, quickly relieve fatigue, drink drink, with a sense of ease, and can keep the mind sober. Ginger juice drink can be used as a special drink for motorists. Therefore, the future prospects of ginger juice drinks will be extremely broad. Previously there have been ginger juice on the market, mainly with ginger fragrance blending with ginger flavor of synthetic drinks, the real chemical composition of the original ginger juice transparent beverage is still in the market is still blank.

⒊ Ginger powder and Ginger paste chili sauce
Ginger powder and Ginger paste chili sauce as a by-product of the comprehensive utilization of the product, not a high value-added products, only to reduce costs and eliminate waste pollution and development. In the conditional circumstances, you can develop the international prevalence of plant edible fiber, its prospects are better.