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Fuit Vegetable Washing Drying Processing Line For Sale

Time:2018-03-09 By:wendy
Our fruit vegetable washing and drying machine line is mainly cleaning the fruit by bubbling, surfing and cleaning spray way. It is a stainless steel dry fruit washing machine.The vegetable washing drying line has a high pressure fan, and then through high pressure water impact to soak and rinse vegetables, desalination effect. Cleaning machine is suitable for all kinds of vegetables such as strawberry, apple, pear, also can do desalination, clean pesticide residues.

We can use our automatic bean sprout cleaning machine: cabbage, spinach, lettuce, pepper, leek, mushrroccoli, carrot, potato, sweet potato, apple, pear, Begonia root, fish, shrimp.
Suitable for all kinds of vegetables, fruits, seafood and other granules, leaves and tubers
Washing, soaking, sterilizing, fixing color and so on.

Why do we choose our fruit cleaning drying plant:
A) this machine is mainly used for the cleaning of fruits and vegetables.Can not only achieve the cleaning effect, but also can save power.
B) oxygen increase pump, fruit and vegetable can fly under the action of ultrasonic. In this way, the material can be thoroughly cleaned and will not cause damage.
C) fruit and vegetables enter the next program and spray a clean part under hydraulic pressure.
Effect is double design, can make the sand accumulation in the bottom discharge.
D) the material is of high quality stainless steel. The perfect welding technology and special design make the machine look beautiful and practical.
E) the bottle washing machine is composed of water tank, blower and elevator. The elevator can be made of food grade plastic chain or stainless steel. The sprinkler device can be provided according to the different requirements.

fruit vegetable washing and drying line