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Industrial Fruit Washing Machine To Australia

Time:2020-02-28 By:wendy
Congratulations on our bubble type fruit washing machine is coming to Australia. I would like to take this opportunity to show you how to buy a washing machine and how to properly operate a bubble washing machine.

Sold Fruit Washing Machine To Australian:

The diverse climate allows Australia to harvest several times a year, greatly improving the quality of fruits and vegetables. And Australian fruits occupy an important position in the industry. Not only are they of high quality and unique varieties, they are also loved all over the world. Apples are one of Australia's main exports. Every year, 200 million kg of apples are eaten. Our Australian customer is buying our said washing machine to clean apples. We also provide drying equipment according to customers' needs. apple washing machine and dryer
 fruit washing machine australia

How to choose washing machine?

Factors that should be considered in the selection of fruit and vegetable washing machine. With the development of society and the acceleration of the pace of life, more and more industries have stepped towards higher efficiency and mechanization. Food production factories need a set of truly energy-saving equipment that can save a lot of costs for enterprises, so we provide you with a variety of food processing machinery with sophisticated products, reasonable prices, beautiful shapes and perfect after-sales service.
when choosing the washing machine for fruit, the following Aspects to consider:
 1.Efficiency: It is required that the cleaning process and equipment have the characteristics of high efficiency and labor saving;
2.Economy: Requires the use of cleaning processes and requirements that can achieve the degree of cleaning and low cost;
3. Reliability: The selected cleaning process and fruit and vegetable washing machine must have stable cleaning quality and can reach the required degree of cleaning;
4.Good working environment: It is required that the cleaning process and equipment used can maintain a good working environment to ensure the health and safety of workers;
5.Conducive to the protection of the natural environment: It is required that the cleaning process and fruit washing machine equipment can prevent or minimize the damage to the natural environment caused by cleaning waste liquid, noise, and exhaust gas;
6. The impact of treating the cleaning object: It is required that the damage caused to the cleaning object during the cleaning process is as small as possible, and new secondary pollution cannot be generated to the cleaning object.
 how to use fruit washing machine

How Operate Fruit Washing Machine?

In the next few days, our Australian customers will receive our used bubble cleaner. Will greatly help his Apple business.
Steps you need to know to properly operate fruit washing machine:
The steps required to operate the vegetable washing machine correctly. If we want the vegetable washing machine to play a greater cleaning role, we need to ensure that all operations of the equipment are carried out in accordance with the correct process, otherwise even high quality The equipment will not exert its original effect. What should be the correct steps? The following editor will explain the steps to operate the vegetable washing machine.
1. Clean the water tank of the vegetable washer and fill it with water.
2. Start the conveyor belt motor to make the belt run normally and in the correct direction.
3. Start the vortex pump, inject air into the water in the tank, and make the water in the tank toss.
4. Open the spray pipe valve to spray water evenly on the mesh belt.
5. Inspect each running part and confirm that it can work after normal operation.

This is our fruit washing machine video show. Hope also can help you. If you need more information and price, leave message on our website freely.