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What Machine Can Frying Snack Food

Time:2017-08-15 By:wendy
The snack food are very popularity over the world. So many people love eat it. oue daily life are surrodded by the snack food . But hwo can make snack food ? the snack food frying machine is the most inportant part in the snack processing line.
There is the time for snack food frying machie. The snack food frying machine can frying many sanck food such as deep-fried dough sticks, chicken nuggets,french fries, vegetable snacks etc.
The snack food frying machine  have two kinds heating way including Electric and Gas. The advantages of snack food frying machine are so much .There willl put out five advantages.
1:Advanced temperature control device and reasonable stirring device ensure the best frying quality.
2:Hot oil boiler circular heating make temperature up fast and small fluctuation of oil temperature.
3:The boiler body and conveying part can be separated freely for easy cleaning; vibrating feeding material, discharging equally.
4:Heat supply of diesel/gas burner make temperature up or down fast with low power consumption in high efficiency.
5:Dynamic oil filter system cleans the waste residue and keeps oil fresh during frying.

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