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300kg/h Onion Peeling Machine For Sale

  • MOQ:1 Set /Sets
  • Certification:CE
  • Warranty Time:12 Months
  • Country Of Origin:China
Onion peeling machine uses compressed air as power source, through strong swirl air blow peel the skins, the whole process adopts no bubble water,without knife cut, no wear design, completely through the air dry peeling, to ensure the integrity of onion greatly,suitable for vegetable processing factory.
large capacity onion peeling machine
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This machine should be equipped with an air compressor. Because of the strong air flow produced by air compressor, the cyclone peels off skin of onions smoothly, with low damage rate. This machine has a compact structure, and because it is small, so it just covers an area of small square, The performance of onion peeling machine is stable, practical, it is safe, easy to maintenance and easy to operation. Our onion peeling machine has a novel and attractive model  as well as a simple structure, safe and reliable operation, smooth, no noise, and high efficiency, besides, compared with the manual peel method, peeled onion has a smooth and clean surface.

Technical Data
Model Capacity Dimension Weight Power Air Flow Capacity
GG-3A 300kg/h 730*680*1420mm 140kg 400w 1.2 m³/min

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