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Small Capacity Garlic Peeling Machine

  • MOQ:1 set
  • Certification:CE
  • Warranty Time:12 Months
  • Country Of Origin:China
Working  principle of the garlic peeling machine:
The working  principle of the garlic peeler machine applying advanced air compress or technique to peel off skin naturally, which guarantees the quality of garlic cloves.Completely automatic dry-peel operation . Garlic Peeling Project is one of our mission to fulfill the requirement of Food Processing Industries for huge process of raw materials. To bring the newly lunch peeling machines to make their work easier and faster.
the picture of garlic peeling machine
This garlic peeler machine has automatic guide device, garlic skin removed from the garlic full automatic.The machine complys with health standards. The garlic kernel can’t be injured so it can be stored for many days.
Advantages of garlic peeling machine:
Automatic Garlic peeling machine is high efficiency  peeling machine , without damage, It is invented according to the special physical properties of garlic.
It not only can reduce the manual labor, but also not undermine the quality of the garlic, can reach health, environmental protection standards, the economic value of the production of garlic.
1) The special design makes sure that the garlic is no any friction with the blade during peeling. So you could get the garlic in good condition, low breakage, smooth surface, non-pollution.98% peeling rate,peel garlic/shallot perfectly
2) It is equipped with Auto-temperature control and conveying-material, and the garlic could be stored for long time
3) the garlic peeler machine also can be used with garlic processing line with drying, peeling, pratical, economical, high production efficiency.
4) And it is easy to keep maintenance, low failure rate etc. 

This is video of garlic peeling machine test working :
Technical Data
Model GG-100
Voltage 220V-50Hz
Power(kw) 1.7
Electric Heating (kw) 1.5*1 
Air Compressor 0.75 kw
Size(cm) 60*60*135
Capacity(kg/h) 80-150

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