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Electric Sugarcane Extractor Machine Large model

  • MOQ:1 Set /Sets
  • Certification:CE
  • Warranty Time:12 Months
  • Country Of Origin:China
The Electric Sugarcane Extractor Machine is based on the numerous times of researches and well designed new technology. Main parts are made of stainless steel. These machines have the advantages of good appearance, easy operation, low cost, high output.Our machines are suit to market and beverage manufacturers to use. It is easy to operate and you never need invest much. The profit is worthy to do this business. Can be used to extract sugarcane, ginger, apple, corn stalk and so on.
Sugarcane dregs and corn stalk can be recycled to make sugarcane board which is sound and heat proof. This sugarcane board is light and economical and is the excellent construction material as well as being paper-making material.
Operation and maintenance
1, Timely cleaning, maintain clean sanitation
2, Machine should be placed smoothly
3, Add the lubricating oil on bearing and gear.
4, If the machine stops suddenly when using, firstly cut down the power, then check the machine and its circuits to see whether something is wrong. 
If there is not something wrong with the machine,Please check whether the overload protection device trip.If it is tripping please  overload protection device reset.

1. All-stainless steel housing, ultra-luxurious appearance, beautiful.
2. The juicer wheel made of stainless steel processing, head parts are rigorously rust and corrosion protection treatment, make sure  the cane juice in line with international health standards;
3. The machine is a fully enclosed structure, can built-in bagasse barrels, juice dose not leak, safe, healthy and clean.
4. Use gearbox design, and equipped with anti-shock device, greatly reduce mechanical noise during operation.
5. Retrofit activities doors, make the cleaning and maintenance easier and simple.Suitable for hotels, Kara OK hall,fruit shops,cold stores,herbal tea shops,railway stations, supermarketsservice industries such as squeezing a variety of sugar cane.
6.Beautiful in appearance, compact structure, simple operation, easy to clean.
7.Low power consumption, low noise, high efficiency, small size, easy to move.

We also have manual model and battery type sugarcane extractor machine and sugar peeler machine for your choice.

Technical Data
Model GG-1000
Power 4-5.5kw/380v/50-60hz
Capacity 1000KG/H
Weight 405KG
Dimension 1000*800*760mm

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