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Gelgoog Law Notice

This website belong to the company's web site, any organization or individual may illegally copy, or for any commercial purposes without permission to use this website and its content. If the site determine users behavior illegal or damaging the interests of the owner, will reserve the right to take relevant legal behavior.

Henan Gelgoog Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional e-commerce site.the person or organization any access and use of this web site must comply with the relevant laws and regulations and shall not use the transmission capacity of the site, to engage in illegal activities. 

Without the permission of the holder of the legal written ,anyone is forbidden to show product photos in this web site. Any unauthorized then use the pictures in this web site is likely to be in violation of international law, trademark law, privacy law, communication, communication and other laws and regulations.

When a user to browse this web site, the system will automatically collect the user of this web site's IP address and homepage for information. This information will help us on the basis of the overall assessment of our visitors and users how to use and browse our website, including the number of visits to each web page visitors and users, the frequency and viewing time. By collecting the information, we will have traffic statistics, to improve the management and service of the website.

The issuance of the Henan Gelgoog Machinery Co.,Ltd or issued jointly with the partner companies including but not limited to the entire content of the product or service and our site materials with copyright and other intellectual property rights, are protected by law.

Without our written permission, no unit and individual are not allowed use, copy, modify, transcribing, spread or with other products bound use and marketing.
, in any way or reason of the above products, services, information, and any part of the material .

Any infringement of copyright and other intellectual property rights of the company, the company shall be its legal liability shall be pursued in accordance with the law.

The company legal affairs, instructions, the company hereby solemnly legal statement!

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