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Dates Seed Removing Machine in India

Time:2017-12-18 By:wendy

This is our date seeds removing machine sold to India.After the date pitting machine, we can make date with nuts. We also have date cleaning machine.The whole date process line is your great helper for date process business.

Why choose our date seeds removing machine ?
1, the machine uses vibrator feeding design, feeding balance, smooth, speed can be adjusted according to production needs.
2, according to the original manpower manual nuclear way of working, our company developed this model to take "mechanical grasping" to the nuclear way, speed, human labor completely replaced by machinery, greatly saving production inputs.
3, processing of raw materials (jujube) without screening (no distinction between size), the model can be automated screening, human design innovative.
4, even if the processing of raw materials mixed with other hard objects, it will not cause harm to the machine itself, can be automatically discharged.
5, the machine is made of stainless steel, long life, easy maintenance.

daet sseds removing machine in india


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