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Kuwaiti customers for purchasing Moringa leaf powder production line

Congratulations to our Kuwaiti customers for purchasing our Moringa leaf processing line.
Our Kuwaiti customer saw our Moringa leaf washing machine from our website, and sent us an email inquiry about Moringa Leave Process Machine Quotation with washing machine, dewaering machine, dehydration syeterm. Our cusatomer manager immediately contacted the customer to obtain the customer's information needs, and then sent the customer a quotation for the Moringa leaf washing line. After reading our quotation, the client said that there are not many plans, the company is relatively large, and the account manager is relatively professional.
Moringa leaf processing line price

The customer told us about other Moringa leaf processing needs. The customer's final product is to grind Moringa oleifera leaves into powder, and then package them for sale. Our customer manager revises our Moringa leaf solution quotation step by step according to the customer's detailed requirements. Eventually meet customer needs.
Kuwait Moringa Leaf Solutions Client’s Business:
The Kuwait customer, they are a company working in agricultural & livestock production. Want to process 100-150 kg of fresh Moringa leaves one hour. The heating method of moringa leaf drying machine requires electric heating. After the moringa leaves are dried, the moringa leaves need to be ground. The grinding requirement required by the customer is 1.0mm -1.5mm (Rough leaves) 0.5mm-0.1mm (Average smoothness Leaves) 0.2mm-0.5mm (Smooth ).
Then, the moringa powder is packed into inner and outer bags, and then the tea bags are manually put into the box. Pack the box with a cellophane packaging machine.Also called box cellpoane wrapping machine. 
Moringa leaves powder making Process Flow:
Washing ---water removing machine --air drying cooling machine-picking line--drying--powder grinding--packing
Next, we will introduce several important moringa leaf processing machine in the moringa leaf powder manufacturing process:

In the Kuwait Moringa leaf washing line program, the first important machine is the Moringa leaf washing machine. Our Moringa leaf cleaning machine can be widely used in vegetable cleaning and processing. The rack using high-quality SUS304 stainless steel production, in line with the national food industry use standards, and that machine use of bubble tumbling, scrubbing, spray technology, to maximize the cleaning of the object.
Power: 3.7kw
Width of the belt:600mm
Weight: 500kg
Moringa leaf drying equipment can dehydrate Moringa leaf. Our moringa leaf drying machinecan dry moringa leaves without damaging the color of moringa leaves. We can provide suitable drying machine according to your materials. The output and heating method can be customized.
Moringa leaf powder grinding machine is to grind the dehydrated Moringa leaf. Moringa leaves can be ground into corresponding fineness requirements according to customer needs. The general mesh number requirement is 20-150 mesh. In addition, it can be customized.
Different packaging forms of Moringa powder packaging machine correspond to different packaging. Different packaging forms have different applications. Send us your specific equipment requirements, such as packaging form, packaging size, packaging speed, etc.
The above are several equipments in several Moringa leaf milling lines. Contact us to get your exclusive Moringa leaf processing solution.  
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