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Provide Automatic Garlic Peeling Machine Manufacturers

As a  automatic garlic peeling machine manufacturer  , our machine  is a high efficiency dry peeling machine, peeled process completely without washing. The machine uses advanced pneumatic peeling technology, so that garlic natural peeling completed. Peeling process, garlic does not go through the blade and mechanical collision backlog, does not cause garlic damage. Garlic regardless of size particles can be peeling together, garlic garlic skin automatically separated, the product meets the health standards. Because garlic is not damaged, can store the advantages of many days. Out of the rate of 98% or more. Applicable to food processing plants, restaurants, hotels, local vegetable market and other garlic sales and so on all with garlic occasions.
These are some reasones why you choose us garlic peeling machine manufacturer:
1, garlic off the high rate of ≥ 98%.
2, dry peeling, no water, no pollution to the environment
3, no damage to garlic, garlic storage time for a long time
4, garlic peeling process, not limited by the size of garlic, the size of a valve off the net.
5, compact structure, small footprint
6, stable performance, practical, safe, easy maintenance, easy to operate

automatic garlic peeling machine price in india
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