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Dried Meat Floss Making Machine For Sale

Meat floss making machine is used to make floss food or other food loss (drawing) special equipment. Can be made pork, fish, chicken, floss, fish pine, chicken, beef, pine mushrooms, pine and so on.
Cooked Meat Wire Drawing Machine is my factory technician in accordance with the requirements of users, combined with the production process of floss, self-developed design of a wire drawing equipment. The device uses two drums different speed principle, through the cooked boiled meat pieces tear into a filamentous, easy to stir fried meat.
Meat floss fluffy machine is a professional equipment for the processing of meat processing. Through the high speed of the two drums running, with the friction of the principle of leather, so that has been fried roasted rubbing to achieve the effect of loose meat fluffy.
Our meat floss making machine all with simple structure, easy to clean, easy to operate, greatly improving the labor productivity, love the majority of users praise.

dried meat floss making machine with low price
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