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Banana Chips Slicer Machine Sold to Philippines

The banana chips cutting machine sold to Philippines, is mainly used to cut the banana into slices. The slice thickness is adjustable, minimum thickness can be 2mm.After using the machine, the banana chips are smooth and no damage. Also the cutting angle can be customized. If you have any special requirement, just tell us freely.

This machine can not only used for the fruit, but also for the vegetable. It can make banana, apple, potato, sweet potato, cucumber, balsam pear, lotus root, eggplant pieces and chips. Widely used for hard fruit and vegetable such as root and stem fruits and vegetables.  The unique structure of this philippines banana chips slicer machine makes the knife cutting the fruit and vegetable vertically, not tiltiing or horizontal and the cut pieces is the round pieces. It is easy to operate. Operation steps: firstly, put banana into the feeding device, through the automatic control rotary cutter, the banana will be cut by one pieces. Then it will fall down into the slicing plate. Finally the banana chips slicing machine will automatically stop when without materials. The cutting speed can be adjusted according to your need.

The Body frame and shell is made up of high quality stainless steel, adopt the advanced control system, which meet the requirement of modern food sanitary. It is of high efficiency and has stable performance.

banana chips slicer cutting machine sold to philipines
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