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How Many Different Types of Beverages In The World

Beverage also called drink,is a liquid for human or livestock drinking. It is a product that has been packaged in a quantitative manner for direct drinking or brewing or brewing in a certain proportion of water. The content of ethanol is not more than 0.5%. Beverages can also be divided into beverage thickeners or solid forms. Its role is to quench your thirst, provide nutrition or refreshment. How many different types of beverages in the world do you know ? Today we will show it.
There are 4 types of the drinks, they are Non-alcoholic drinks,Alcoholic beverages,Sleeping drink and hot drink.

Non-alcoholic drinks-- fist type of beverages:

4 types of the drinks
What is the next trend in a healthy diet? Non-alcoholic drinks. Non-alcoholic beverages are products that are filled with carbon dioxide gas under certain conditions according to the "General Principles of Drinks", commonly known as "soda." It does not include beverages that produce carbon dioxide gas by the fermentation itself. The content of carbon dioxide gas in the finished product is not less than 2.0 times. Non-alcoholic beverages include solid beverages. Such as: carbonated drinks, fruit and vegetable juice drinks, tea drinks, etc.

Fruit and vegetable juice drink:

(1) Juice (slurry) and juice beverages: Products made from fresh or chilled fruits as raw materials. Including juice, fruit pulp, concentrated juice, concentrated fruit pulp, pulp drinks, fruit juice drinks, fruit juice drinks, fruit and beverage thick paste, fruit drinks, protein drinks.
(2) Vegetable juice drink: refers to a product that can be directly consumed by adding water, sugar liquid, sour agent, etc. to vegetable juice, and vegetable juice drink containing two or more kinds of vegetable juice is called mixed vegetable juice drink. . Including vegetable juice, vegetable juice drink, compound fruit and vegetable juice, fermented vegetable juice, edible mushroom drink, algae drink, fern drink.

Protein drink

The plant fruits, seeds or stone fruits with high protein content, nuts of nuts and the like are used as raw materials, and the obtained turbid liquid products are prepared by refining the slag with water in a certain ratio. The protein content in the finished product is ≥0.5% (m/v). Such as: soy milk, coconut milk, almond dew.

Drinking water

Sealed in plastic bottles, glass bottles or other containers without any additives for direct drinking, including drinking natural mineral water, drinking pure water and other drinking water.

Tea drink

The tea soup prepared by the process of extracting, filtering and clarifying the tea after soaking in water or adding water, sugar, acid, essence, juice or plant extract to the tea soup to prepare the product. Including tea soup drinks, juice tea drinks, fruity tea drinks, and other tea drinks.

Coffee drink

Coffee: a liquid beverage made from coffee extract or instant coffee powder;
Coffee beverage: a liquid beverage made from coffee extract or instant coffee powder;
Decaffeinated coffee beverage: A liquid beverage made from decaffeinated coffee extract or decaffeinated instant coffee powder.

This table content is referenced from the wiki
Type of fruit drink Percentage of fruit needed in drink Description
Fruit juice 100% Largely regulated throughout the world; 'juice' is often protected to be used for only 100% fruit.
Fruit drink 10% Fruit is liquefied and water added.
Fruit squash 25% Produced using strained fruit juice, 45% sugar and preservatives.
Fruit cordial 0% All 'suspended matter' is eliminated by filtration or clarification. and therefore appears clear.This type of drink, if described as 'flavoured,' may not have any amount of fruit.
Fruit punch 25% A mixture of fruit juices. Contains around 65% sugar.
Fruit syrups - 1 fruit crushed into puree and left to ferment. Is then heated with sugar to create syrup.
Fruit juice concentrates 100% Water removed from fruit juice by heating or freezing.
Carbonated fruit drinks - Carbon dioxide added to fruit drink.
Fruit nectars 30% Mixture of fruit pulp, sugar and water which is consumed as 'one shot'.
Fruit Sherbets - Cooled drink of sweetened diluted fruit juice.

Alcoholic beverages -- second type of drink:

Beverage refers to liquid foods that use water as the basic material and are produced by different formulas and manufacturing processes for direct drinking. Drinks can generally be divided into alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic beverages. Among them, alcoholic beverages are beverages that are intended for human consumption and have an ethanol content above 0.5% vol.
Internationally, it is generally divided into three categories according to the production process of wine:
Distilled spirits (spirit): A wine made by distillation after fermentation of the raw materials. This type of wine has a high degree of odor and is extremely irritating, such as white wine, brandy, whiskey, and rum.
Brewed wine (or pressed wine): The wine that is directly extracted after fermentation or obtained by pressing is called brewed wine. This type of wine has a lower degree of solids and a higher content of solids and less irritation. Such as rice wine, beer, fruit wine, wine and so on.
Formulated wine: A wine made from white wine or edible alcohol and a certain proportion of sugar, spices, herbs, etc. This type of wine contains sugar, pigment and different amounts of solids. Different types of wines have different alcohol contents, such as liqueur, sherry, and absinthe.

Sleeping drink -- third type of beverages:

A bedtime drink, a bedtime drink or a relaxing drink is considered to be a consumable liquid taken shortly before bedtime to induce sleep. They are often used to help relieve stress, relieve anxiety, improve attention, and promote overall sleep. For example, a small alcoholic drink or a cup of hot milk can promote a good night's sleep.
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Hot drink -- fourth type of beverages:

Hot drinks refer to coffee, hot chocolate and the world's second-largest consumption of tea.
Hot chocolate is consumed around the world and has many variations. The powdered hot chocolate mixture can be added to boiling water or hot milk to make a beverage.
Solid beverages are favored by consumers because of their convenient preparation and easy storage. Especially those solid beverages rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients can supplement the nutrients needed for metabolism in a timely manner, and become a favorite of many people.
They are 4 type of beverage:Non-alcoholic drinks,Alcoholic beverages,Sleeping drink and hot drink.

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