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Harvest of Pomegranate Have Already Began

Harvest with the principal pomegranate selection Excellent is scheduled to begin next week. “The early varieties have moved smoothly into the industry spot this season,” says Tom Tjerandsen, Manager on the Pomegranate Council. This really is partly due to high demand from abroad. “Buyers from around the planet have already been quite pleased with the deep colour, high sugar levels and huge size of this year’s early varieties. There are nonetheless promotable volumes available, so I expect a very smooth transition in to the popular Superb range that makes up 70 percent of the total harvest.”

Total production volume is expected to be related to last season. While acreage has decreased about 15 % compared to final year, greater yield is expected to create up for most of it. This year, growers were able to apply adequate levels of water whereas last year numerous growers had no water allocation for pomegranates. Crop size is anticipated to become six.five million boxes.

These days, 40 percent of total fresh market place production is exported. Korea, Canada, Taiwan, Japan and Brazil will be the prime 5 buyers of California pomegranates. “Last year, Brazil’s pomegranate imports enhanced 25 percent. Australia’s imports are also growing swiftly,” added Tjerandsen. “Importers start out to understand that there is certainly no other pomegranate on the planet that compares to the California assortment in terms of size, color and sweetness.” Consequently, demand from abroad continues to improve.
Having said that, the sector has to continue to put work in selling pomegranates overseas. “In the previous, Russia utilized to purchase 300,000 cartons per year and that dropped to zero,” said Tjerandsen. “Thankfully, the business found new markets to absorb that lost volume.”

Tjerandsen also sees possibilities for development inside the domestic market place. “A significant level of the US population has by no means knowledgeable a pomegranate,” he mentioned. The Midwest in distinct is actually a low-index location with the country. Both coasts are performing nicely when it comes to pomegranate consumption.
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