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What Is The Working Principle of Fruit Vegetable Cleaning Line

When we operate the fruit and vegetable cleaning line,we need to know some work principle of the cleaning line as follows:
Firstly,we need put our fruit and vegetable fall into the water such as date palm,ginger,pepper,leaf vegetables and others. With the churning water of tank material will be stirred to clean the fruit and vegetable with the sediment and other heavy dirt after falling into the filter below the sedimentation area, the fruit and vegetable in the water to promote the gradual move to the transport network Belt, was raised out of the tank body, and then after the spray cleaning, fruit and vegetable washed twice, into the following process. Rinse off the rinse, after the filter to intercept. In the course of work, the inlet pipe and the sprinkler pipe always supply water, so that the sewage inside the water tank is replaced gradually.
fruit and vegetable cleaning equipment advantages
In today's extensive use of pesticides, various chemical preservatives and preservatives, a variety of growth hormone era, each family before completely in a state of resistance, can only be passive acceptance, every day in a pesticide, etc. In the process of chemical poisoning, such as various cancer and cardiovascular diseases are related to long-term intake of excessive pesticides and various chemicals, and now have a fruit and vegetable washing machine, you can have each of her families have a Advanced protection means, in this life can eat a lot of pesticides and a variety of chemicals, can be a lot less disease, people's lives only the health of life is priceless.
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