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How to Remove Dates Kernel with Machine

The Dates Kernel Extractor Machine is mainly used for the separation of nuclear meat drupelets. For example: olive, plum and apricot, peach, etc.Fruit on the different angles through rotor plate, block separating pulp.Sieve hole into a hopper, by a number of separate nuclear board, to a nuclear spiral vent.Sieve plate and the separation between the gap, depending on the size of the nuclear material processing.we can also adjust to the model with the client's needs. Is it amazing ?

Therer are some othere specifications  of the machine :
1. Core remover and the contact parts with jujubes are made of stainless steel

2. Power systems use 220V, 1.5KW motor, and add the frequency conversion technology, so that the machine really has a continuously variable function.

3. Convenient and simple operation and maintenance is a major highlight of the machine, even if this is your first contact with it, easy to use.

4. Access to the nuclear part of the machine and the dates is made of the stainless steel

5. Adding frequency conversion technology, so that the machine is truly a continuously variable function

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