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Carrot Cleaning Machine Supplier Cost

Carrot is a very common vegetable in our daily life. It not only tastes good, but also has very rich nutritional value. Eating carrots regularly can have many beneficial effects on the body: Carrots are rich in beta carotene, which can be transformed into the human body. It is vitamin A, which can effectively improve people's eyestrain and dry eyes. After eating carrots, the vitamin A converted from beta carotene can make people's bones grow more healthy, which is of great significance to the development of infants and young children. Washed carrots are now readily available and ready to eat or cook, saving the time of washing and peeling. You must want to know how carrot washing and processing equipment works and what is the approximate price. Below are the answers for you.
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Carrot Washing Machine Design

The carrot washing machine is also called a brush washing machine, which is designed according to the characteristics of the oval shape of the carrot.The design of the carrot washing machine is add the carrots into the stainless steel tank, and then the motor drives the chain drive, which is driven to the hair roller through the chain, so that the hair roller rotates at a high speed. At the same time, the brush on the hair roller scrapes. Under the action of the high-pressure water pump, the carrots are sprayed to wash the carrots while peeling. The waste collection area under the machine has enough space for workers to remove waste, and the newly added filter screen can completely separate the waste residue and waste water.

Carrot Washing Machine Video

Carrot Cleaning Machine Cost

There are various types of carrot cleaning machines. According to different production requirements, the configuration of the equipment is not at the same, the price will be different, and the budget ranges from 3000USD to 20,000USD.

Carrot Washing Machine Suppliers

Carrot cleaning machine is a new equipment designed and manufactured by our company after years of practice. The equipment conforms to industry standards, has the characteristics of scientific design process, mature equipment manufacturing technology and high degree of automation, and is suitable for processing plants of various scales. At the same time, our company is a professional food machinery manufacturing enterprise, which can provide workshop equipment layout, tailor-made, installation and commissioning services according to the customer's production scale and process requirements.
If you want to invest in a carrot washing machine, please leave a phone call or leave a message, and the company's technical service personnel will contact you as soon as possible to build a broad platform for career development.
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