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How To Processing Kelp In Factory?

Kelp is a perennial large edible algae with low cost, low calorie, moderate protein and rich mineral content. It is an ideal natural marine food and often appears on the dining table of every household. The kelp products we buy in the market mainly include fresh kelp, dried kelp and kelp powder. Do you know how kelp harvested from the sea is processed into the market? Today, the editor will bring you to the kelp processing workshop of our company's customers to experience the journey of kelp from the ocean to people's dining table.
This article will show you the main kelp processing steps and equipment of kelp: washing, cutting, drying, etc.
kelp seaweed processing

1.The Main Steps of Processing Kelp Seaweed

The kelp harvested from the sea contains a lot of water and needs to be sent to the factory for processing in time, otherwise it may cause mildew and cause unnecessary losses. Kelp processing mainly includes cleaning, air drying, drying and other processes. Dried kelp is shelf-stable and easy to transport, making kelp the most popular seafood product on the market.

2. Main Equipment For Kelp Processing

1. Kelp Washing Machine

Since the cleaning process of kelp and leafy vegetables is similar, the cleaning of kelp mainly uses a kelp cleaning machine, which is generally composed of a conveyor belt, a motor, a spray device, a sink and other parts. The addition of a fork can make the kelp more in contact with water and air, and the pushing device can make the kelp move forward at a uniform speed.
kelp processing plant cost

2.Kelp Air Dryer

After cleaning, the kelp removes the sediment and salt in the surface and folds, and is dried by the multi-angle air dryer, so that most of the water on the surface of the kelp is evaporated.

3.Kelp Dehydration Process

If you need removal of the water from the kelp itself needs to use kelp dehydration machine. According to the size of processing output, kelp dehydration machine is mainly divided into drying box, continuous mesh belt dryer, etc. On the basis of ensuring drying effect and output, dehydration machine strives to save energy and upgrade to digitalization and intelligence.

3. How To Buy Kelp Processing Plant

The purchase price of kelp processing machine is high, and the processing scale is large. It is very important to choose a satisfactory kelp processing machine. When purchasing kelp processing machine, you need to refer to the supplier's brand, production research and development, service strength, etc.
After years of experience accumulation, our company has always adhered to the original intention of making food processing simpler and safer, closely following the needs of customers and industry development trends, and striving for high-quality kelp processing equipment and worry-free service.
If you are interested in kelp processing projects, you can contact our company. The whole process service provided by our company from preparation of kelp processing project to official production and regular maintenance will surely impress you.
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