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Cocoa Bean Processing Plant Italy

Our cocoa bean processing machinery for Italy customer. The Italy customer looking for a set of machineries (plant) for the processing of cocoa beans.The cocoa process plant can process 200 kilogr am per hour.

these are  plant components:

- stones remover (the machinery that selects and removes the stones mixed with the cocoa beans)

- rosting machine (60 kg batch and 120 kg batch options)

- cooling plate (for cooling the cocoa beans after rosting)

- cocoa beans peeling machine  + cocoa beans grinder

- pre-refining machine (the grinded cocoa beans are further grinded to produce RAW COCOA PASTE about 100micron)

We provide the our machine best machines and service. if you are new on the cocoa process plant, we also can provide you the suiatble cocoa process plant according your demands.

cocoa bean process machine|cocoa bean peeling machine with low price
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