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Industrial Vegetable Washing Machine China Supplier

We are the supplier of bubble type vegetable washing machine in China. Our bubble type vegetable washing machine has a novel structure, energy efficient, high efficiency, clean thoroughly, small damage to fruits and vegetables, the use of a wide range of features. The machine is widely used in carrots, beans, red dates, ginger and other fruits and vegetables cleaning, especially for the growth of fruits and vegetables in the soil cleaning.

How dos the industrial vegetable washing machine work?Air bubble type vegetable washing machine china supplier with low price
The machine is composed of rack, water tank, fan, hoist, feeder, circulating water pump, water filter and so on.When the work of water due to the existence of fruit in the water violently rolling agitation, to clean the purpose of the other by the fan Gas in the water to form bubbles, due to the continuous rupture of the bubbles, so that water on the fruit to produce a force to achieve the purpose of further cleaning.

What is the biggest advantaged of the bubble type vegetable washing machine is the water can be recycle.
Sewage water tank into the water filter tank, and then through the filter slot into the tank, the dirt will remain in the filter tank; filtered through the filter tank of water, in the role of circulating water pump to spray Pipe, once again the material to clean, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning.
After the washing water is filtered, the circulating water pump is pressurized to the inlet nozzle, and the nozzle direction is adjustable. The high pressure water sprayed by the nozzle can be washed again and drifted towards the outlet direction. Machine, will be washed fruit to the next process.

This is air  bubble type vegetable washing machine work video :

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