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Commerical Fruit Dryer Machine

The commercial fruit dryer machine use muffler, heat-stabilized axial fan and automatic temperature control system.commerical fruit dryer machine for sale
The entire circulation system was closed, increasing the thermal efficiency of the tray dryer from 3% of the traditional tray dryer to 35% now. The highest thermal efficiency up to 50%.
The successful design of hot air circulation fruit oven makes our hot air circulation tray dryer reach the world advanced level. It saves energy and increases economic benefits.

How dose the fruit dryer machine works:
After the air is changed, through the heat exchanger, the air in the drying chamber is heated by thermal radiation and convection.
In the role of the fan, the air spread throughout the drying chamber, hot air and materials to make a full heat exchanger.
In the role of desiccant dryer, the steam in the dry outdoor discharge, to achieve the purpose of drying.

Fruit function  of commercial fruit drying machine:
1. Three heat sources are used for heating: electricity, steam + electricity.
3. Furnace wall completely welded. Arcs are used for each transition without death.
4 the sealing performance of the entire machine is good. Using a unique rail seal, to ensure the sealing performance.
5. Air inlet with high efficiency air filter, and with the middle effective air filter.
6. Oven double door with mechanical interlocking device.
7. All parts in the oven can be quickly assembled and disassembled for easy cleaning.
8. Control system has a test display and touch screen for you to choose from.

We are a firm with a strong sense of quality and we are considering all the quality measures from product development to final delivery.As a credible name, we guarantee that our products are of good quality.To make this possible, we only use quality certified and certified raw materials from reliable suppliers.

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