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Industrial Fruit And Vegetable Washing Machine For Sale

The fruit and vegetable cleaning machine adopts bubble cleaning,effectively separating the attachment on the surface of the cleaned object.The washing machine simulates the basic action of manual cleaning, and effectively avoiding the phenomenon of collision.knock and scratch in artificial cleaning, improving work efficiency and changing manual operation into mechanized processing. It is suitable for all kinds of fresh vegetables, salty vegetables, fungus and seafood. According to the different proportion of the material cleaned, two kinds of models are designed: full network belt type and half net belt type. A half mesh belt is suitable for material with a specific weight of less than or equal to water, and a full mesh belt is suitable for material with a specific gravity greater than water or a fear of bruising.

The fruit and vegetable washing equipment consists of the main parts of the tank, the tank body, the sediment isolation network, the lifting device, the bubble generation device and so on.
Operation steps
(1) the clean water tank, filled with water; the main body into the water to overflow water overflow.
(2) start the transmission network with motor, so that the net belt is running properly and the direction is correct.
(3) the vortex pump is started and the air is injected into the water of the tank to make the water in the box toss.
(4) open the sprinkler valve to make the water evenly sprinkled on the net belt.
(5) check the parts of the operation and make sure that they can work after normal operation.
(6) the cleaning degree of the material can be cleaned separately and then the net belt is transmitted.

Working principle of vegetable washing machine:
The materials fall into the water, the waters of the tank will be stirring the materials, cleaning, materials with sediment and other heavy dirt out after falling into the settling zone of filter material in the water below, under the impetus of gradually moved to the conveyor belt, are being lifted out within the tank, after spray cleaning, the material two times wash enter the following procedure. Rinse the rinse and intercept it through a filter. During the working process, the water inlet pipe and the spray pipe always supply water, so that the sewage in the water tank is gradually replaced.

industrial fruit and vegetable washing machine for sale
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