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Automatic Date Pitting Machine Video

This is our automatic dates pitting machine video.Our dates seed pitting machine is suitable for a variety of fruits, including jujube, plum, olives, hawthorn and so on.Consumers use pit fruit convenience solution. It has different moulds and flexible systems to adapt to each type of product. The new technology makes the production process faster, more efficient, and easier to operate.

The date pitting machine has a high complete pitting rate. Since startup, the device is flexible and effective: 304 stainless steel, keep the machine easy to clean, thick walled square tube, channel steel welding components, bolts for all components. Feeder, automatic loading material, and then sterilized seed removal machine center and the date used together to remove the seeds.

For the date process machine, we also have date cleaning machine, date polishing machine,date cutting machine,date paste grinding machine,packing machine and others.We have long time working shipping forwarder. We can do our best to send machine to your port safe and quickly.Any problem you can problem you can email wendy@machinehall.com or leave message on our website.

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