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Commercial Vegetable Cutting Machine in India

Our the commercial  vegetable cutting machine with Double Frequency Conversion,will to india.The vegetable cutting machine made with stainless steel suitable for  all kinds of root, stem, leaf vegetables, such as cabbage, celery, leek,Spinach, onion, cucumber, carrot, radish, potato and so on.

The vegetable cutting machine can be cut into thin, thin, uniform, beautiful shape, sliced / striped / cut / vegetable silk / curve. It is the most ideal partner for fruit and vegetable processing plant, frozen food factory, leisure food factory, beer factory, western restaurant, beverage shop, tea restaurant, coffee shop and so on.
1) this food processing machine / SUS304 commercial vegetable cutting machine is simulated on the basis of the principle of cutting vegetables by hand
2) you can cut the vegetables into a variety of shapes.
3) adapted to the hard, soft vegetables, such as rhizomes, stems and leaves, vegetables, etc.
4) the design is reasonable, the performance is superior, the operation is simple, and the adaptability is strong.
5) keep the cutting effect of the hand.

commercial vegetable cutting machine in india
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