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Automatic Dates Pitting Machine Manufacturer

We as a dates pitting machine manufacturer in china. The date pitting machine is used for pitting fruit, such as dates, plum blossoms, olives, etc. The date of no water pit can be used more conveniently. Most importantly, after dessert, the date still has a high complete meat rate.

Characteristics of  dates seeds removal machine:
1, the diameter of the fruit can be a 12- diameter of 34; it can handle different sizes of fruit, so you don't have to screen the fruit in advance.
2, use special perforated needle to remove the fruit pit completely.
The 3. pitting rate was 98%-100%, and the seeded fruit was still intact.
4. the operation is simple and the work efficiency is high.
5:Save labor, time and energy, high output.

Dates pitting machine working process
The fruit falls from the sieve hole to the funnel through the different angles of the separation plate in the rotor; the fruit core is discharged from the core outlet. According to the size of the core, the distance between the screen and the isolating board can be adjusted.
Warm tips to choose the best fruit dessert machine

Please let us know what kind of fruit you want to deal with.
2. tell us about the size of the fruit;
3. tell you the capacity requirements.

automatic dates pitting machine manufacturer
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