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How to Peel and Separate Pomegranates with Pomegranate Seeds Separate Machine ?

How to peel and separate pomegranates with pomegranate seeds seperate machine?
Put pomegranate through the hopper into breaking device, breaking device pressure pomegranate, two roller spacing is 20mm.
Pomegranate into the crushing part. The broken device underneath the pomegranate again. The distance between the two rollers is 10 millimeters. The pericarp was basically separated from the seeds after the two stage of extrusion.
No then things into the separation equipment. With the stirring shaft, seeds from the sieve falls, peel discharged from behind. The upper and lower rollers are elastic, and the space is adjustable.

Pomegranate  seeds separator machine  is a preprocessor that separates pomegranates from pomegranate seeds. The separation process can guarantee the integrity of pomegranates as high as 90%, which is a necessary equipment for the processing of pomegranate juice, beverages and other related foods.

Peeling and separating machine structure of pomegranate
The pomegranate desitator consists of a hopper, a breaking device, a lower breaking device, a rotary screen, a mixing shaft, a screw pump, a rack, etc. The material is stainless steel, except the driven part. The agitator axis is the frequency control of the motor speed.

how to peel and seperate pomegranate
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