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Automatic Chicken Feet Processing Line for commerical use

Peeling production line of chicken feet.
Chicken foot peeling line is a professional whole chicken foot peeling line, with simple operation and high yield. This is the most advanced peeling equipment for chicken feet in China. We can customize the chicken foot peeling line equipment according to the customer's requirements.

Main parts of the chicken paws peeling line.
Spiral type chicken foot blanching machine 2. chicken foot peeling machine 3. spiral automatic foot Precooling
The flow chart of the peeling line of the chicken feet is as follows
Conveying - chicken feet - Conveyor - Hot - Cold - Peel

Chicken Paws Processing Line introduction:
1. feet on the conveyor belt, put chicken to blanching machine
2, blanching is a necessary link in the processing of chicken feet. By sterilizing the chicken feet, the chicken feet are easy to peel and protect their natural flavor from breaking.
3. will be delivered to the chicken chicken peeling machine, through the conveyor belt peeling.
The 4. last step is also the core step of the desquamation. The chicken peeling machine can peel off the skin and nails of the chicken feet clean and do no harm to the chicken feet.
The 5. spiral automatic foot pre cooler is used to cool the chicken to achieve the purpose of detoxification.

Advantages of the chicken feet processing machine:
The 1. machine is made of stainless steel to make chicken feet sanitary.
2. the quality of the product is excellent and the operation is simple.
More than 3. processing capabilities are available for you to choose, and we can customize it for you.
4. the performance is stable, the cost is low, and the effort is saved.

automatic chick feet peeling processing line
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