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Autoatic Dates Pitting Process

Automatic dates pitting machine is made of high-quality stainless steel and is mainly used to remove the core of fruits such as jujube, apricot, plum, olive, cherry, hawthorn, red bayberry, etc. It can handle fruits of different sizes from Φ12 to 34Φ.

Fruit machinefruit pitting machine features:
1. The diameter of the fruit can be Φ12 to Φ34; it can handle fruits of different sizes.
2. Use a special punch to completely remove the fruit pits.
3. Pit corrosion rate of 98% to 100%.
4. Simple operation, high work efficiency.
5. Save labor, time and effort, high output.
6. Fruit to the nuclear machine is mainly used jujube, apricot, plum, olive, cherry and other nuclear fruit nuclear enucleation.

Fruit pitting machine working process:
Fruit through the rotor separation plate at different angles, falling from the sieve into the hopper, while the core is discharged from the row core. Depending on the size of the kernel, the distance between the screen and the separation plate can be adjusted.
Tips to choose the most suitable fruit pitting machine.
1. Please tell us what kind of fruit you want to process.
2. Tell us about the size of the fruit;
3. Inform the capacity you need.

automatic dates pitting machine

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