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Fruit Vegeable Hot Air Drying Machine Industrial

Hot air fruit vegetable dryer machine is a flat-type dryer can be assembled and disassembled, the use of steam and electricity as a heat source, with low noise, high temperature axial fans and automatic temperature control system, the entire circulation system is fully enclosed, so that the traditional heating Housing 3-7% Up to now 35-45% thermal efficiency, thermal efficiency up to 70%. Hot air circulation oven design not only saves a lot of energy, but also brought huge economic benefits, widely used in many industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry and so on.

Hot air circulation drying machine of the salient features
1.Most of the hot air circulation in the box, thermal efficiency, energy conservation.
2.Positive pressure ventilation and conditioning board separation of air, the material can be dried evenly.
3.A variety of options, such as steam, hot water, electricity, far infrared and so on.
4.Low noise, stable operation, automatic temperature control, easy installation and maintenance.
5.Wide range of applications, all kinds of materials can be dry, a universal drying equipment.
6.Using high-quality materials: carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, the final moisture content of the product <1%.

Fruit dryer working principle
A.hot air circulation oven is the use of steam and electricity as a heat source, heating, a lot of hot air circulation in the box, through the continuous supply of fresh air from the air inlet into the oven, and then discharged from the exhaust port,thereby increasing the heat transfer effect, so the material Water gradually reduced.
B.Temperature: if the steam 50-140 ℃ and the maximum heating temperature is 150 ℃. If using far infrared heating 50-350 ℃.
C.Ordinary steam pressure: 0.02-0.8mpa, drying board size: 640 × 460 × 45mm.

Application of hot air circulation drying machine:
This hot air circulation oven is a universal drying equipment tray intermittent high practicality, widely used in medicine, chemicals, food, light industry, electronics and other fields.
The air drying machine can be used to do a variety of things, such as primary medicine, medicine bottles, colors, dyes, vegetables, fruits, food, electrical components, paper, leather, wool and so on.
hot air fruit vegetable dryer machine industrial
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