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Tasty and Effort Eat Quail Eggs

Quail eggs are a very nutritious and nourishing food, is considered to be "animal ginseng." It is composed of one kind of bird quail produced, quail do not like to interact in groups, and the like in pairs in open plains and covered by vegetation, pastures, farmland and other environments. So it all counts eggs produced are of high quality.

Quail eggs nearly circular, individual small, generally only about 10g, surface tan colored spots. It has a good skin care, skin effect. Then someone asked, how consumption is the most capable of releasing one of the nutrients it?

In fact, consumption methods and preferences are personal, each edible method can get good nutrition. Whether cooked or fried to eat, or eat very good cooking. But usually eat more or even shell cooked or cooked vegetable species after another and with food.

So small quail eggs and more so for the shelling on stumped everyone. Cooked eggs, tender, peel always felt to be softly, afraid to break anymore, affecting the appearance also affect consumption. Well now, with quail egg peeling machine everything seems simple. Our quail egg peeling machine set the automatic cleaning brush egg --- --- --- photodetector arranging transportation --- Daozheng precooked cooling --- --- --- retort Sheller - - cleaning and drying --- --- --- Luzhu package as a whole. This machine all adopt SUS304 food grade stainless steel, reliable health and safety, quality, easy maintenance, suitable for soft-boiled eggs, spiced corned egg, ferritin and other egg processing enterprises need to egg processing and product
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