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Automatic Fig Drying Process

The ripe figs are green, the flesh is soft, and the internal seeds are small particles, and the flesh contains polyphenols.
The processing of figs into dried products is a very important value-added process of deep processing. Now using a fig dryer, the dried figs are of very good quality.
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Fig drying process:
The water content of fresh figs exists in the state of free water, colloidal water and combined water. The water content is 75-80%, and the sugar content is high. If the sunlight is not strong enough when drying naturally, it is difficult to dry out the fig. The key to using a fig drying machine is precise and controllable temperature, humidity, wind speed, and air volume.
Before drying fig, the figs need to be heated and immersed in a well-equipped solution. After about a minute, the figs were picked up and sprayed with high pressure in our fig washing machine to make the epidermis fall off.
Then use the air dryer machine to remove the surface moisture from the washed figs.
The dried fruit with fig frying machine is soft in flesh, has a fragrant smell, and is pleasantly sweet. The moisture content is about 20%.
Figs can be dried whole or dried after cutting. Whole figs and cut figs require different drying temperatures and time.

Time and temperature requirement when drying fig process:
Drying whole fig time and dimensions required approximately:
The temperature should be controlled at 60-70 ℃, about 25-30 hours, the appropriate moisture content is 14-15%.
Drying cutted fig need time:
It takes about 18 hours to dry the cut figs. The moisture content of the fig drops to less than 15% in about 18 hours.
Dried fruit processing:
The storage time of most fruits is very short, such as strawberries, mulberries, peaches, bayberry, apricot fruit, blueberries, etc., so drying is a good way to preserve and increase added value. These fruits have high moisture content and high sugar content, and they are easy to get dust during the sun, attracting mosquitoes, flies, ants, etc., causing secondary pollution. 
In the fruit drying room represented by a fig drye machiner, the fruit is in a relatively closed space and is not affected by the outside world. The dried fruit preserves the color of the original fruit, so the process of sulfurization is not required, and the quality is obtained Huge improvements. The unit can be intelligently controlled to achieve precise control of temperature, humidity, air volume and time, and set different drying modes for different materials. The fruit dryer has the characteristics of fast drying speed, large output and low operating cost. For the drying of fruits and vegetables, suitable drying equipment can help you produce high-quality dried fruits.
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