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Frozen French Fries Production Process

Want to know the frozen French fries production process? How to make French fries? If you want to learn the whole manufacturing process, you can lean from raw fresh potato to the finished forzen french fries. Following is whole set of French fries production line for French fries production. First briefly introduc the manufacturing process of French fries:
Raw fresh potatoes lifting -- Potato cleaning and peeling -- Picking out unqualified potatoes -- lifting -- Potato French fries cutting -- Washing the surface starch of French fries -- Blanching for protecting French fries color -- Removing the water from French fries -- French fries frying -- De-oiling process -- Flavoring -- Quick freezing -- Packing into bags
Our factory provides automatic French fries produciton line and semi-automatic small scale French fries machine for selection, which can be used to make potato french fries or potato chips with fresh potatoes, different production capacity for selection, from 50 to 1000 kg per hour.
French Fries Production Line cost
Following introduces each production steps of Frozen French fries:
1. Potato washing and peeling: Through elevator convey potatoes into potatp washing ansd peeling machine machine, remove remove surface mud and skin of fresh potatoes. This machine can realize just washing or washing and peeling by changing the brusher roller.
2. Pick out unqualified potatoes: Potatoes after peeling will convey into picking belt, workers pick out bad potatoes by manual sorting, pick out potatoes without well peeling.
3. Cutting potatoes into French fries or slice chips: The well cleaning qualified fresh potatoes will be put into potato cutting machine for cutting into desired shapes, better for cutting into finger chips, if you want to cut potatoes into uniform slices, we have potato chips slicer machine. This machien can realize continuous production for French fries, ready for next procedure.
4. Rinsing surface starch of French fries: Therough bubble Agitator washing, to remove surface starch of French fries, to keep good taste of French fries.
5. Blanching French fries: After rinsing, also need blanching for French fries, to protect color of French fries, and inhibite the enzyme activity. 
6. Vibrating removing water: Based on frequency vibrate to dry surface water of French fries.
7. French fries frying: Continuous French fries frying machien used oil-water mixing technology or pure oil process technology, oil temperature is adjusted from normal temperature to 300 centigrade.
8. De-oiling: This de-oiling machine is used to remove excess oil from French fries after frying to avoid oil mouth, to improve the taste of french fries.
9. French fries flavoring: Seasoning French fries with different flavors.
10. French fries quick Freezing: Freeze French fries for longer storage time.
The above the the frozen French fries production process. If you want to know more information about French fries equipment, just feel free to contact us: 
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