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Industrial Pomegranate Aril Separator

The pomegranate aril separator machine is the equipment which our company introduces the peel pomegranate skin to get pomegranate seeds,specially designed by international advanced technology.

The pomegranate aril separator machine is mainly used in pomegranate juice process business.The main function of pomegranate beverage is to select and clean, fresh pomegranate, squeeze and open, separate the peel, and send the pulp mill to the next process.

The pomegranate peeling machine is made up of hopper, upper crushing device, lower crushing device, rotary screen, stirring shaft, conveying spiral, rack and so on, and stainless steel (contact part).
The advantages of pomegranate peeling machine:
Peeling rate high peeling thickness adjustable, low breakage rate, multi-function, convenient, environmental protection automation operation.

The structure of the pomegranate peeling machine:
Pomegranate peeling machine is mainly made up of hopper, upper crushing unit, lower crushing unit, rotary screen, stirring shaft, screw pump, rack assembly and so on, all of which are made of 304 stainless steel. The mixing shaft is variable frequency speed regulation.

industrial pomegranate aril seperator machine
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