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Fruit Juice Making Machine Packed To India

We are commercial fruit juice making machine factory in China. For the high quality juice making machine,our India customer have take an order of fruit juice making machine. Our the juice making machine India have big market. If you also need the fruit juice making machine,contact us freely.
fruit juice making machine will packed to India
These are fruit juice making machine will packed to India. After our India customer leave an inquiry, our professional salesman have provide suitable solution according customer detail demands with inquiry.  For the customer require,we also sent the juice making machine test working video. If you have any worry about our juice machine, we also can test machine for your special fruit.
Introduction about the fruit juice making machine.
The crushing and squeezing unit adds a crushing device on the basis of the screw extractor. So customers don't need to buy another crusher or chop it manually, which saves a lot of labor. Comparing with other juicers, crushing Juicer has the advantages of no need to crush materials before feeding, reducing user investment and equipment area. This is also one of the reasons why our crushing juicer is popular. Another reason is that, on the basis of high quality, our machines are the most affordable.
Fruit juice extractor performance characteristics:
The crushing and juicing machine is only screw-driven extrusion. This machine also improves the slag part, can be suitable for pressing high fiber materials such as leaf vegetables. Fully automatic completion of all kinds of fruit and vegetable juicing, slag, juice automatic separation. Filter mesh aperture: a variety of apertures, according to user requirements.
Our machines are not only suitable for India, but also for other countries such as Thailand, Brazil, Germany and so on.
If you need fruit juice making machine price,contact us freely. Email:wendy@machinehall.com  whatsapp:+8618539931566
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