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Ginger and Garlic Peeling Machine PDF Video Download

Ginger and garlic is normal in our daily life, specially in restaurant. For the peeling ginger and garlic, it is a littler hard for people if they want peel them in large quality. there will show you ginger and garlic peeling machine for you. If you need garlic peeling machine video and PDF, we also can provide you.
ginger and garlic peeling machine pdf video download
Ginger and garlic peeling machine introduction as follows :
Ginger washing and peeling machine
automatic Ginger washing and peeling machine is used to washing the ginger with brush and remove the dirty earth on the ginger surface. Adopt brush cleaning, Ginger washing machine can clean the not smooths surface of ginger. Ginger Washing Peeling Machine can be used for cleaning, washing and peeling stem. Root vegetables and fruits, such as potatoes, carrot,sweet potato, ginger , radish , taro ,cassava ect. The ginger peeling machine is reasonable and easy to keep clean. Our ginger peeling machine have been sold to India, Colombia ect.

High quality Garlic peeling machine:
This garlic peeling machine adopts pneumatic principle; it will not damage the garlic after peeling the skin. And it can peel the garlic skin completely in a dry way, so there is no need to put the garlic in the water before peeling. The peeling rate could up to 95%.

these are our garlic peeling machine video and , ginger washing and peeling machine video. You can see it if you want download the peeling machine.  You can tell us then can sent you. Also with garlic peeling machine pdf if y ou need too. We porivde all of you with quality garlic peeling machine.  Professional service and best price hepes us bring our peeling machine to many ocuntries such as India, Austrilia, Colombid,Bangladesh ect. Any problem you can leave message on our website or email wendy@machinehall.com

Garlic peeling machine  video:

Ginger washing and peeling machine video:
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