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High efficiency Mango Cutting Machine

Mango cutting machine can strip the ball of fruits, such as radish, potatoes, taro, sweet potato, cucumber, onion, pepper, etc. And so on, especially soft and juicy fruits such as mango, pineapple, papaya, apple, strawberry, bamboo shoots, ham, etc., fast dicing or cut.The cutting size is adjustable, the inlet has a micro switch, Safe operation.
The mango cutting machine uses a composite tool, a molding, the shape of the rules, smooth surface, high molding rate, favored by foreign trade units. The machine is advanced in design, easy to operate, low energy consumption, high efficiency, the use of stainless steel, corrosion, beautiful, in line with health standards.
Structural features and working principle:

① structural characteristics of the machine mainly base, shell, dial, knife, silk body, cross cutting cutter body, transmission system and electrical control system. The machine base, shell, hopper and the main components are made of stainless steel to ensure long-term work is not rust, non-toxic and other characteristics.
② working principle of the machine dial to drive the object to be cut high-speed rotation, the use of object centrifugal force, with a knife will be cut into pieces cut into pieces, and then cut into strips through the disc cutter, and cut the material into the horizontal Cut the knife edge, cut by the cutting knife cut into the required cubes or cuboids.
mango cutting machine

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