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How Are Crinkle Cut Fries Made ?

The crisps cut by wrinkles are sometimes called the side of the lotus leaf or crinkle fries, similar to the side of the lotus leaf in the sewing. Potato chips or sweet potato chips can also be folded up, and can be called "wavy fries".

If the potatoes are cut into 90 degrees, the result is the waffle chips. However, chopped chips for waffles are more suitable for "cutting" slices.Widely used for cutting hard and flexible roots, stems, leaves, and kelp, which can be made into slices, prismatic, cubes,A variety of diamonds, curves, etc.

The multi function crinkle fries cutting machine is used to simulate the manual principle.
Cutting the 3 grade shift of 1-25mm vegetables with "centrifuge section cutting section"
A variety of vegetable slices can be made and transferred to a erect knife.

The features of multi-functional wrinkle cutting machine, the best quality
1, shallot, garlic, leek, celery, Chinese cabbage, spinach, lettuce and other leafy vegetables are cut into flaky or flaky.
2. the root vegetables such as carrots, onions, bamboo shoots, eggplant and other rhizomatous vegetables can be cut into strips, flaky or cubes by replacing the blade.
3. the speed of the cutter and belt can be adjusted accurately by the frequency converter, and the cutting size can meet your needs.
4. is equipped with a sliced blade, a square blade, a peeling blade and a horned blade.

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