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Pomegranate Aril Separator Machine with Low Cost

Pomegranate aril separator machine as a pomegranate wine, pomegranate juice and other production equipment.Pomegranate deep processing is one of the special equipment, mainly used for separation of pomegranate leather, pomegranate juice is an essential pre-processing equipment.

Automatic pomegranate  peeling machine to minimize the extent of damage to pomegranate seeds, to retain more juice, one-time place, not only to retain the most original juice taste.That is rich in high nutritional value, but also to avoid the bitter taste.

One of the special equipment to process pomegranate deep processing. The pomegranate arils removal machine is developed by our company on the basis of foreign technologies such as Italy. It is used for the separation of pomegranate from leather, and it is an essential pre-processing equipment for pomegranate juice extraction. Its working principle is that the pomegranate enters the upper crushing device from the feeding hopper and is divided into several small pieces by the relative squeezing of the crushing roller and the pressure of the blade on the roller to crush the whole pomegranate into pieces; the crushing roller on the crushing device is made of stainless steel, The gap between the two rollers can be adjusted to 20-30mm; then the lower crushing device is entered for the second crushing; the lower crushing roller is made of non-toxic and highly elastic rubber with less damage to the pomegranate hide and the gap between the two rollers is adjustable by 10-20mm; After two levels of crushing, the pomegranate that has been separated from the basic seed has fallen into the separation device with frequency control (separation shaft and rejuvenation combination). Under the rotation of the separation shaft and the separation device, the pomegranate seeds and some juice Leak from the mesh through the discharge port into the next process (by the screw pump to the juicer or other); pomegranate peel from the rear of the device. In addition to all the reducer and some transmission components are made of high quality stainless steel. Aperture sieve aperture 12-18 mm, such as special pomegranate varieties, specify when ordering.

pomegranate aril separator  process machine
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