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How Can Our Machine Peel Quail Egg Without Damage

We always eat eggs, either fried fry cook is very tasty. However, egg shells, especially uncooked egg shell is very thin and easily broken.

But now food factory produced food used in an amount of eggs is still very high. Whether the production of cakes and other pastries, eggs, noodles and other staple foods or something like dried meat, egg rolls and other snacks need to use eggs. We most often eat boiled eggs, spiced corned egg, boiled eggs etc. are generally required peel, then there are so many eggs of course need to use the egg sheller machine. How Our egg sheller is do not hurt the eggs it? I believe that a lot of people are curious.

In fact, our egg sheller reason not to hurt the egg, because it uses a special roller, not to hurt the egg and durable; eggshell focus automatically sent to clean up easily; automatic feed and discharge, saving labor; the machine easy clean, easy to move. These are a few characteristics of our eggs Sheller, I believe we have solved the mystery of the mind. Yes, our egg sheller is so magical.
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