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How Is Peanut Butter Produced ?

Peanut butter is a kind of very common sause in our daily life.How is the peanut butter produced ?Today i will show you.
The peanut butter making machine has different geometric shapes in the rotational speed rotation of relative motion, breaking through shear, grinding and high frequency vibration. It has three zones, one is rough grinding area, the other is fine grinding area, and the other is ultra-fine grinding area. By adjusting the rotor clearance, it can effectively meet the required standard (gap can also be reprocessed).

Peanut butter machine is mainly used for the production of peanut butter, almond paste, salty sauce, spicy sauce, sesame and so on. Its biggest advantage is high yield, peanut butter processing machine can be directly converted into raw peanut butter. Peanut processing machinery can be used for grinding peanut milk, protein milk, soy milk, dairy products, fruit juices and other grinding, with high yield, high efficiency, small size and other characteristics, welcomed by the peanut butter industry at home and abroad.

We are a professional peanut butter machine manufacturer in China. We also have peanut butter production line. The machine has a high degree of mechanization, high reliability and good sealing. So it can be processed with high quality peanut butter and common peanut butter. In addition, it can also produce sesame butter .

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