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Why Need Furit and Vegetable Washing Machine ?

As the main part of the fruit production line, fruit and vegetable washing machine is widely used in all kinds of fruit cleaning. Some people may want to know how much effect the fruit cleaning machine can bring. and why need one fruit vegetable washing machine ? The following are their main functions.

The fruit and vegetable pesticide residues can be eliminated by the fruit cleaning machine. The washing ingredients in the machine can effectively rinse the raw materials.
Fruit cleaning machines can be used to disinfect fruits and vegetables. Some fruit cleaners are equipped with a UV bactericidal system that can kill most common bacteria and prevent them from causing stomach trouble.The fruit washing machine can remove the impurities on the fruit. Every fruit product is contaminated by impurities such as dust and dirt when picked. Water spray and brushes can effectively eliminate impurities.

The necessity of the fruit and vegetable cleaning machine:
In recent years, the problem of food safety has aroused widespread concern in the society. The air pollution and application of pesticides will leave pollutants and toxic residues on the fruit. They are covered by heavy metal elements, chemical components, dust and mites. Traditional cleaning can only remove some of the harmful substances, which is far from thorough cleaning.
Fruit cleaning machine can remove pesticide residues on fruit.

The fruit and vegetable washing machine is designed to solve this problem. The purpose is to remove the fruit thoroughly and remove the pesticide residues. With the fruit cleaning equipment increasing demand, Tianchuang company developed a variety of fruit cleaning professional fruit washing machine. They can liberate you from heavy cleaning and meet your needs for clean and healthy fruits. In the production of fruit juice, a qualified fruit washing machine is a guarantee of sanitary juice.

Where can I use a fruit and vegetable cleaning machine?
Fruit cleaning machine can be used to clean fruit, vegetables, fungi and seafood. When the fruit cleaning agent is used, some medicaments or disinfectants can be added to achieve the effect of sterilizing and fixing. In addition, the fruit cleaning machine can be matched with the ozone disinfection system, or with the steam pipe or electric heating tube, which can control the temperature and realize defrosting and deenzyme function.

The fruit washing cleaning machine consists of a water tank, an elevator, a circulating flushing pump and a transmission system. During the rinsing process, the fruit drastically rolls under the water pressure. By filtering after washing after being sent to the inlet, rinse again raw materials. As the nozzle is adjustable, they push the raw material to the outlet. There are scraper elevators and take them to the next program. Sometimes there is another ejector on the elevator for future cleaning. According to the different material processing, the lifting scheme is varied.

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